Friday, May 23, 2008

Trail report

Matt and I did a 10 miler last night at Chester. We ran 8 miles on the course and added another 2 miles of brutal hills to add to the fun. at about mile 5 on the course the ground is a little rough from some horseback riders entering the park when the ground was too soft, but its only for a short distance. It was a very pleasent evening out there, a lot of apple trees are in full bloom yet, and the many songbirds were singing.

We put in a pretty good effort bombing up the hills and only walked at the top of The Big Dam Hill. Who thought of putting a huge hill at the nine mile point of a ten mile race ? After recovering at the top of BDH we sprinted back to the finish. Matts been putting in a lot of miles lately and all I can say is , "look out the Hurricane is back". He should do well at Med City providing he doesn't get to full of himself and take off too fast

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