Friday, May 30, 2008

The bright side of $4.00 gas

I've always been an optimistic, glass half full, kind of guy. But when the gas prices spiked up to the four dollar a gallon mark even I was feeling pretty down.

Maybe this is just the kick in the butt we needed in this country. Suddenly a lot more people are riding their bikes to work, people are thinking twice about unnecessary trips in the car, and sales of scooters and hybrid cars are skyrocketing. The extra exercise forced upon people has got to help, if even a little, with health care costs. The high price of diesel is jacking up the price of food because of shipping, so maybe there will be more vegetable gardens planted.

Now, this morning I heard the price of a barrel of oil is going down because of less consumption and a stronger US dollar. I hope we don't revert back to our old ways.

If only we could make the price of watching TV and playing video games go through the roof ?


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