Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Early Entry Deals

I'm doing a little experimenting with some early entry deals and youth/senior discounts this year.
You can find these deals by clicking on the Running Room on-line registration link in the right column. The Running Room on line entry website has many options so I thought why not give it a try to try to avoid the chaos of everybody signing up on race day. Sign up before Feb 28th to get the best deal.

The 50k will be only $17.00 through Feb 28th then the price goes up to $25.00
The 10 mile/5k is only $15.00 through Feb 28th then the price goes up to $20.00

Youth, under 18, and seniors, over 60, can sign up for only $10.00 for the 10 mile/5k through Feb 28, then the price goes up to $15.00

Because there are so many families that like to run the Chester woods races we have a family deal.
$50.00 for the first 4 members then 10.00 for each additional family member.

Take advantage of these early entry deals. It really helps to have your race organized when you know how many people to expect.