Friday, December 3, 2010


There aren't a lot of pictures of the Gamehaven race because of the steady rain. Here is one someone took that gives you an idea of the conditions that day.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gamehaven part II

Here is miles 2.5 through 4 of the cross country run. We changed the second creek crossing. Our first choice was a little too deep and muddy:-)
(click on the picture)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gamehaven update

KC and I hacked out the second creek crossing last night. There seems to be a growing interest in this race. Some added fun stuff, hot soup and hot chocolate in a heated pavillion after the race,cannon fired start at 9:00 AM, really cool hand made awards.
This is going to be a great run to race and try to win an award or run for fun with a bunch of friends. I will give out a "Team Spirit Award" to the group that shows the most team spirit Ex: nutty costumes, mud covered, cheering ...
The team spirit award will be free caps and a free entry to either of the Chester Woods races next year.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gamehaven Course

Here is a slideshow of the first few miles of the Gamehaven "True" Cross Country Run.I'll post the rest of the course later as I ran out of daylight :-)
Click on the picture to view album

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Trail Run

I had the honor of being one of the first to run the route for a new trail run near Rochester last Monday. KC Reed, who directed the Rochester 1/2 Marathon for many years, has come up with a great race to be run within the Gamehaven Boy Scout Camp. This will be a true cross country race with a couple of water crossings.
You can see a slideshow of part of the course at http://byronteamred.blogspot.com/
go to the Tuesday Sept 7th post.
I don't have a lot of details yet but the date will be Nov. 13th

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trail Tuesday 8/3/10

Next Tuesday we're are going to suport Jim Parry and run with him on a couple of treadmills. He is running for 17 hours in the YMCA lobby. We will be in the lobby area about 6:15pm .
Here is more info about Jims run to raise money for the YMCA Strong Kids Fund.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trail Tuesday

Casey Graham looking out over the Whitewater Valley
We're going to meet at the Nature Store/entrance to Whitewater State Park, at 6:15. Then we will tour the wonderful hills and valleys of the park.

See you there.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trail run 7/20/10

Willow Creek Reservoir. This is a great little 2 1/2 mile loop around WCR . Do multiple loops for more miles. You can look in the archives for the April 27th post for pictures of our last run at Willow Creek Res. I will not be at the run as I am helping at the All Comers meet I know a few other people are going to be there.
Check the map on the right side for directions to WCR.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trail Run 7/13/10

Next Tuesday at 6:15 PM we'll run the horse trail near the Douglas Trail. I heard there is a small parking area near the intersection with Co Rd 3 . Here is a link to a Google map where the start will be.

Oxbow Park

Tuesday night found us at Oxbow Park. Wayne ,Mark, Dave and I were honored to have Rob Mitchell join us. He was working out at Oxbow and ran a loop around the park following the old Gut Buster route. It was hot and steamy so I only snapped a few pictures.

Here is a link to the slide shoe.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to the trails

Our Tuesday trail running group is back on track after some vacations,bad weather etc...

Wayne , Matt, Dave and I got together and ran the super duper trails at Carly State Park. Enjoy the slide show and please feel free to join us. Our next run is July 6th at Oxbow park, 2nd picnic shelter, meet at 6:15 PM.

Monday, June 28, 2010

5k Female Fastest Ever

10. Nicole Weisenbeck 26:25 2008
9. Susanne Wunderlich 26:03 2007
8. Michelle Holm 25:47 2008
7. Chloe Kidd 24:54 2009
6. Clarissa Bastian 24:27 2007
5. Alisa Madson 24:17 2009
4. Therese Shumaker 23:10 2008
3. Lily Tamire 23:06 2008
2. Michelle Auger 22:49 2007
1. Roxanne Ready 21:49 2009

Thursday, June 24, 2010

5k Top Ten All Time

10. Nathon Gustafson 21:21 2009
9. Adam Rahn 21:08 2010
8. Charlie Burnham 20:36 2008
7, Matt Schrader 20:14 2010
6. Paul Callahan 20:04 2008
5. Josh Dahmus 19:57 2010
4 Keith Koser 19:38 2009
3. Andrew Shulha 19:26 2010
2. Kevin Dammen 18:37 2008
1. Kyle Dammen 18:35 2008

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 Mile Female Best Times

10. Callie Fura 1:19:37 2008
9. Toni Kolling 1:18:52 2009
7. Racheal Pederson 1:18:30 2008
7. Deb Thomford 1:18:30 2010
6. Cindy Blenderman 1:17:38 2008
5. Toni Kolling 1:16:29 2009
4. Leah Polzine Campbell 1:16:21 2009
3.Constance Sjoquist 1:16:07 2009
2. Emi Yasaka 1:16:02 2010
1. Cindy Blenderman 1:11:38 2009

Friday, June 18, 2010

Top Ten, 10 MIle Times

10. Patrick Steward 1:05:40 2009
9. Jim Hannon 1:05:24 2010
8. Jim Hannon 1:05:23 2007
7. Mark Cary 1:05:08 2009
6. Rob Mitchell 1:04:51 2010
5. Jim Hannon 1:04:27 2008
4. Ryan Enke 1:04:17 2009
3. Kirk Walztoni 1:03:46 2008
2. Kelly Mortenson 59:22 2009
1. Ben Marvin 58:08 2009

Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Mile Male Winners

Zach Klein is the new record holder in the 19 and younger age group,1:25:38, and he has a few years to beat his record. Zach is only 14 making him the youngest person to ever run the Chester Woods 10 mile run.
The 10 mile race was dominated by men from Rochester this year!
Chris Chen won the 20-29 age group in 1:10:00

Kevin Oglesbee won the 30-39 age group in1:08:02

40-49 Patrick Steward 1:07:29. Patrick has also finished near the top in every Chester Woods 10 mile

Beating his own record time in the 50-59 age group Jim Hannon 1:05:24. Jim has finished at or near the top in every Chester Woods 10 mile race

60-69 With a record that I think will last for a long time David Nagorney 1:16:53

70 and older for the third year in a row Justin Murry2:29:50

Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Mile Female Winners

Emi Yasaka from Minneapolis was the over all winner with a time of 1:18:02
After looking at the pictures it looks like Emi and Toni Kolling exchanged leads a few times before Emi pulled away at the finish.
Toni Kolling had another strong showing at Chester Woods with a time of 1:16:29 winning her age group 20-29 and finishing just 27 seconds behind the leader.

Jennifer StAmand looks thrilled as she leads her age group 30-39 in a winning time of 1:21:43

LaRee Etter(in white cap) won the 40-49 age group in 1:26:47

Deb Thomford of Zumbrota set a new age group record in the 50-59 age group with a time of 1:18:30

Kathkeen Schmitt of Maplewood set a new course record with a time of 1:39:35 in the 60-69 age group.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

5k Male winners

Over all 5k winner Andrew Shulha
1-19 Adam Rahn


20-29 Tyrel Clarck 180


30-39 Josh Dahmus This is also a new record for this age group


40-49 Kurt Brewer

50-59 Wally Arnold


Stan Hartzler is now the record holder in the 60-69 age group.

Stan came all the way from Archer City, Texas

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5k Female Winners

I found Kelly's picture
Kelly Hodgson 30-39 winner
Over all winner Cathy Stone

1-19 Ann Holmes

20-29 Jamie Michel

30-39 Kelly Hodgson ( no picture)

40-49 Marge Kelly

50-59 Maggie Herman

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Records

For the first time ever the 10 mile race had someone in the female 60-69 age group.
In fact we had two. Kathleen Shmitt, Maplewood set the record in 1:39:35.
Sandra Dalquist also ran a very respectable 1:47:58
Way to go girls!!!

Zach Klien smashed the 19 and younger age group with a 1:25:38
Zach is also the youngest person to ever run the 10 mile event
Way to go Zach!!!

Deb Thomford set the bar high with a 1:18:30 smashing the old 50-59 age group record in the 10 mile run

Dave Nagorney ran a very nice 1:16:53 to take the 60-69 age group record in the 10 mile

Jim Hannon upped his own record running a 1:05:24 in the 50-59 age group 10 mile run

Maggie Herman, Rochester

5k 50-59 Age group 28:33

Stan Hartzler Archer City , Tx

5k 60-69 Age group 26:43

Josh Dahmus, Kasson

5k 30-39 Age group 19:57

Andrew Shulha 5k 20-29 age group 19:26

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our 2010 Winners

5k Overall Winner Andrew Shulha

5k Female Winner Cathy Stone

10 Mile Female Winner Emi Yasaka

10 Mile Overall Winner Rob Mitchell


I can't thank Jim Li enough for these fantastic pictures. Click on the link to enjoy some really great pictures of Chester Woods 2010. These really capture the essence and beauty of trail running.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Race news

Ok we are two days away from race time. All confirmed entries are on the right side of the blog. Check to see if your name is in the right race spelling etc... Any registration forms that come in from now on will be entered on race day. We do have race day registration starting at 7:00AM picnic shelter #5
We'll be spending all day Friday setting up the course so if you have any questions call me at 507-951-2415. The 10 mile race will be starting at 8:00AM rain or shine we will only delay the race if there is lightning in the area. Be sure to thank the volunteers they are missing out on some sleep just to help us out.
Be sure to check back at this blog site for pictures and race results.
Have a great race!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trail Tuesday 6/1/10

Our Tuesday trail run is at a familiar place, Chester Woods. Weather providing we'll probably do about 5-6 miles checking out the course. Meet at picnic shelter #5 at 6:15PM

Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 Mile Preview

Crossing over Bear Creek 5 miles into the run

Take a run with Tom, Andy Matt and I as we enjoy another perfect day running the 10 mile course at Chester Woods.
Also check out Tom O'Leary's pictures on Team Red

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eastwood Recap

We ran the twisty slick trails of Eastwood Park last night. I was going to bring my camera but, I left it in my office. I don't think it would have been possible to take pictures as you really had to watch your step the trails were treacherous with the slippery mud in spots. They say you can run about 7 miles without repeating your course out there and I believe it. You are constantly making hairpin turns.
Wayne, Mark myself and a new member to our group Dave, put in about 4.5 miles but it seemed like more. Wayne had his Vibrams on and Dave is a total barefoot runner. Dave is very experienced running sans shoes and put me to shame gliding over the few rocky spots we encountered.
Next Tuesday , a familiar course; Chester Woods. We'll meet at picnic shelter#5 at 6:15 PM. Hopefully I can recover from Med City very quickly:-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dirty magazines for all

Again this year I ordered complimentary issues of Trailrunner magazines for all of the runners. This is the magazine for people that like to run on trails, it has beautiful pictures and very informative stories.
Remember there are 6 more days to take advantage of the $17.00 early entry fee on June 1st the price goes up to $20.00 through race day. Yes, we do have race day registration starting at 7:00 AM

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tuesday Trail Run 5/25

We're gonna take on the Mt Bike trails at Eastwood park next Tuesday. There are actually about 7 miles of twisty, nasty trails out there to run on. They are also a lot of fun. Meet near the ball field at 6:15PM. See ya there.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5k Route

View of the reservoir just past the 1/2 point in the race.

Wanna check out the new 5k route? Check out my slideshow. Matt"hurricane" and I ran the route with me snapping pictures the whole way. The lighting was perfect and even made my pictures pretty good.