Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Record

David is in the blue top in the middle of the picture

I missed one on the previous post.
Bloomington's David Peterson gave the young guns all they could handle and ran a smoking fast 19:24 in the 5k.
Beating his own record from 2011 by 42 seconds. Excellent work David :-)

New Records

Despite tough conditions a few new records were set in the races.
Dallas Davidson beat his own record 5k time by 10 seconds lowering the 5k overall record to 18:20.

Zach Klein smashed his own record >19 age group record in the 10 mile race. He set the old record when he was 14 and now at the ripe old age of 17.beat his old time by 20 minutes. His new time is a very speedy 1:05:55

One of the classiest, nicest people I know is the new record holder in the female 5k ,50-55 age group with a time of 28:24. Masami Kita is pictured here with her husband Hirohito. Congratulations Masami !

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Park Entry Fee

Have one of these guys ready when you enter the park. I keep the race fees down just a bit because there is an entry fee to get into the park.
  50k Runners- there might not be someone at the gate when you get there, if thats the case, just drive in and pay when you leave. Don't bother with the self payment form at the gate. It will slow things down too much.
Volunteers- Tell them you are a volunteer when you come in. Volunteers don't get charged

Monday, May 27, 2013


There are nice flush toilets in the beach house. When you get parked make a visit there. There is one mens and womens pit style toilet near the 5k and 10 mile start. There are several pit toilets near the various shelters but you might have to walk a ways. You can also stop in to the campground bathrooms if you prefer the nicer smelling toilets :)
There are also showers in the beach house and campground bathrooms. Once you are in the woods there is a bathroom behind every tree ;) but beware there is poison ivy in a lot of spots
Beach house bathrooms/showers
Campground bathrooms/showers
Pit toilet nearest to 10 mile start
Pit toilet next to the 5k start

Packet Pick Up / Parking

I would like to have  as many local people as possible pick up their packets from the Running Room on Friday from 5-9.
If you are coming from out of town you can certainly pick up your packet race day. Come early so we can get the races started on time :-)
There will be a few of us at the beachhouse area starting at 5:00AM Saturday morning.

We will be directing people to park in the beach house parking area from 5:00AM till 7:15AM
Beach house parking area I want the 50k runners closest to the beach house in case they want to grab gear out of their cars as they do their loops. After the 50k runners get parked we will direct cars to the grass beach overflow area to fill that up.
At 7:15 We will block off the east part of the picnic area loop. This will take traffic away from where the runners are going down the road. If you arrive after 7:15 you will want to park as close to picnic shelter #6 as you can. This is the packet pick up area and is very close for the 5k and 10 mile start
Picnic shelter # 6 parking

Latest version of the 50k loop 1

50k Loop 1

I've slightly tweaked the 50k and 10 mile routes in an effort to make it a little easier and less confusing with three races going on at the same time.
After circling the picnic area runners will make a loop through the east meadow and campground area. From the campground runners will run down the Lake Trail for about 1/3 mile to the beach house. From the beach house runners will go directly down the road towards the park entrance( there will be blue arrows on the road) Just south of the park entrance runners will take a left and head towards the horse trailer parking area and into the woods.
The 50k loop 1 and 10 mile route are very similar. The 10 milers will not do the extra loop from 6.5 to 8.5 miles.The 10 milers will not run all the way back to the beach house. They will take a left turn ( there will be a large sign directing you to the finish) and run to the finish line near picnic shelter # 5.
Loop 2 and 3 are the same except Do not run the east meadow/ campground area.  go directly from the beach house down the road to the horse trailer trail.
50k runners after completing loop 3 turn at the finish sign and complete your race :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whats New at The Chester Woods Races This Year ?

Awards! Lots of them We have added 3rd place awards for each age group this year. I also added a Masters award to the 50k and the 10 mile races for runners over the age of 40. This brings a grand total of 118 wooden plaques that have been laser engraved, sanded and coated with polyurethane( 3 coats) .
There will be a lot of people going home with a nice award this year.
I will be doing my best to get the awards ceremony going when 70% of the runners have finished the race.The last few runners can join us in progress. People are welcome to run the races at whatever pace they are capable of but a lot of the lead runners just don't have time to hang around for too long.

Friday, March 15, 2013

5k and 50k / 10 Mile Split

I wanted to see how a paint diagram would show up here. This is a detail of where the 5k and 50k/10 mile routes split up. We put a large sign right in the middle of the trail and paint arrows on the grass. Sometime runners are so focused they still will make a wrong turn. If we have enough volunteers we will have a person there to call out directions. This is about 1.25 miles into the 5k route and 3.9 miles into the 50k/ 10 mile route. The trail comes out of the woods to run along the ridge of a huge valley.

Beach House route detail