Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Matt and I hit up the woods for a little over a hour last night. I don't have any idea how far we went because we ran mostly on trails that aren't on the race course. The woods are looking very lush right now. There's something kind of nice about the brand new leafs and plants this time of year everything is virginal and perfect with nary an imperfection from any bugs chewing on anything. I saw a few turkey feathers on the trails but no turkeys, they must be getting shy.
I'd like to thank Mike Wooden and crew from River Valley Power and Sport. They have provided the John Deer Gator for the race and also for some high school cross country meets that I have helped at.
This Sunday at 4:00 PM we will be doing a preview run of the 10 mile course. Anybody that wants to come just show up. It will be a very easy pace, I just hope I hold together, it'll be the longest I've run in a long time. I'm feeling pretty good right now, soon I won't have any aches to complain about. Yah right.......;-)

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