Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trail report

I went for a run last night on the 10 mile route. The trails are drying up nicely .There are only a couple of wet spots. The aspen trees are in the lead as far as leafing out and you are starting to see a little more green as you gaze out over the valley. With no leaves on a lot of the trees yet ,you can see into the woods very well, its fun to watch the herds of deer as they leap over the fallen logs ,stop , and stare back at you for a few seconds before turning and crashing through the woods some more.
My plan was to run as far as I felt comfortable then walk for awhile I ran about six miles and then walked the last three, I skipped part of the Zieman Loop. My Achilles is feeling pretty good today so I think I can finally step up my training a little more. Actually walking through the woods gives you a whole new perspective. You don't have to focus so much on your footing and can enjoy the woods a little more. We trail runners should always plan our runs so we allow a little time to walk , cool down and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the woods.
As I was walking in last night I actually stopped and soaked up the sight of the far shore of the reservoir. The fading sun was lighting up the trees as the buds are swelling and bursting into leaves. The water was perfectly still except for the ringlets from fish feeding on the surface. I could here the rat-a-tat-tat of woodpeckers first on one side then the other. There was no sight of a human being anywhere.
I heard somebody won the lottery last night in Minnesota, I think it was me.

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