Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ahoy, Bill Barnacle

I know it sounds like a character on Sponge Bob Squarepants but its actually a state woodland area south of Rochester. This is really a beautiful valley along the Root River and it has some trails that are runnable. Matt wanted to go for a run at Chester Woods, but I convinced him to try Bill Barnacle. I parked the truck and after Matts stretching routine we set off across a small creek and up a long ,long hill. I thought Matt was going to lose me as he was full of energy and I'm like a diesel engine, slow to warm up but... once I get going I can put-put forever. After running down an old road for a couple of miles the trail turned down the hill and petered out to a pair of four wheeler ruts and started crossing a creek numerous times.
Now Matt has the Forest Gumplike ability to run one road race after another but, crossing creeks is not his strong point. I would leap across on a fallen log only to see Matt standing there, on the log, shaking like a puppy trying to pass a peach pit. Well, we managed to make it across the river bottoms without falling in any water and, it was pretty with a million bluebells in bloom. I'm ready to head back any time but I think Matt prefers a little less exciting adventures :-)

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Chris said...

You have all the Fun!