Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This has been quite the hot topic over the last year. A lot of races are banning headphones. It's a safety issue because there have been times when runners can't here the warnings from race officials due to headphones. Yes, I have worn headphones many times but not in a race. Still I would not want to see somebody miss a run because they just can't run without their tunes.
This got me thinking about running in the woods. not only do you see a lot of things, flowers, animals, beautiful sunsets etc... but, its what you hear that's really cool. I've heard the screech of an eagle flying overhead, the squawk of a rooster pheasant in the meadow, the turkeys gobbling, the gentle song of the meadowlark, the wind rustling the aspen leaves. a doe crashing through the woods hustling her fawns away from danger and I've actually stopped running to hear the frogs symphony on a hill above some wetlands.
Wear your headphone if you want, but me, I'll just listen to natures orchastra


Jean said...

I couldn't agree more. In fact, I heard the squawk of a pheasant on my run this morning! I can't imagine on all that I would miss out on if I were wearing headphones.

Great post!

Wayne said...

Lots of people like to dictate how other people should run and what they should be getting out of it, so this was a refreshing read... thanks for including "Wear your headphone if you want".
Less than 6 weeks to the Chester Woods race!!