Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fetzer 20k

I volunteered to help at the Dr Fetzer memorial run last Saturday. I love to run in races but, sometimes it also fun to sit back and help out instead. It gives you a great opportunity to be involved and see all my friends. At the particular water stop I was working at there happened to be some kids from the local Boys/Girls Club. Wow, what an enthusiastic bunch of kids one charming young guy would yell to the runners "You are fantastic, you make me want to say whooo!!" and then do the, raise the roof with his hands. I had already contacted the club to work at Chester Woods and now I am very glad I did.
We had a little snow/ice on the race course but it all turned out very well. The race was set up with the women starting 12 minutes ahead of the men to make it competitive and the winner was to receive $500.00. A Kenyan runner from Coon Rapids won ( William Serem ) It was amazing to watch him run , So effortless.

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