Monday, April 7, 2008

Fools Five

Yesterday, I attended the Fools Five road race in Lewiston , Mn . This is the first time I was there and didn't run in the race. For those of you who havn't run this race it's pretty neat. Lewiston is a town of about 1500 people and the race attracts 2000 runners . I think everybody in town gets involved. Proceeds from the race go to cancer research a very good cause. I was at the race to promote the Rochester Track Club and of course Chester Woods. The next best thing to running a race is just talking to other runners and sharing stories. I think I convinced a lot of people to come and give trail running a try.
In my last blog I mentioned an incident that happened last year . As a director of a trail race you always worry about somebody getting hurt. While my race is pretty smooth compared to some trail runs there are a couple spots with uneven ground and sure enough about halfway through the race I hear of a runner down. I thought they were just messing with me at first because this was the last person I would want to see sprain an ankle. You see, Steve DeBoer is a streak runner, He hasn't missed a day of running in 36 years and down he went in my race my heart sank when I saw it was true. The good news is Steve managed to run the next day with a boot on his ankle. One 15 minute mile far off his usual pace but, the streak lives.

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