Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top Notch Compitition

I am super excited to watch the races on Saturday. We have some great runners competing in all of the distances. I see Roxanne Ready, current female 5k record holder, is back to defend her title. In the 10 mile Ben Marvin, our fastest ever 10 miler is back. Mike Torchia Rochester's fastest HS CC runner is going to run the 10 mile course for the first time and the winner of the Woodbury 1/2 marathon, Onamia's Brett Wilson will be in the mix.
On the female side. Cindy Blendermann is back to defend her record time in the 10 mile.
In the 50k Matt Howard is going to set the bar high. Matt is a past winner of the Afton 50k and places near the top in a lot of ultra runs. I don't know a lot about the female 50k runners but I do know there are some very, very good athletes in the race.

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Matthew Patten said...

Matt Howard talks a big game, but we will see if he is any match for "The Slowest Matt"

Game on Howie!