Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growing pains

I finally have a little time to reflect on the 2011 version of the Chester Woods Trail Races. With the addition of a 50k race we are exploring all new territory in the race directing world. It does add to the complication of getting food and water to the aid stations. We had more food available to get to the various aid stations but ran out of time to get it delivered. The multiple loop course proved a little complicated for one of our volunteers giving directions :-) All in all the 50k went well and we will have a better version for next year.
The 5k and 10 mile races had a few runners taking wrong turns also and I have plans on possibly changing the final stretch to the finish line. Also I may start the 5k first so most of the runners are off the course before the 10 milers catch up. I will definatly have more signs directing runners around the course.
We have always averaged aroind 200 runners so I planned on tee shirts for 200 well we jumped up to 300 runners in the last week of preregistration and race day registration. Next year I will plan on enough stuff for 400 runners.
Bear with us as we prepare to grow and plan on a bigger and better CWTR in 2012.

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Ryan said...

Just wondering when the tee shirts will be mailed out for all the participants that signed up late and didn't receive them on the day of the race? Please let us know. Thanks!!