Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Matt and Mark's Woodland Adventure

Matt Schrader, Mark Mueller, Andy Becker, Katie Schneider, Dave Berg and I ventured out to Bill Barnacle to do a little off road running. What a perfect night for a run, thousands of bluebell flowers lighting up the valley floor, a couple shallow creek crossing, and and plenty of creatures chirping and singing their spring songs.
We did have one little problem to start off with, Matt forgot his shoes so... he had to adapt to becoming a barefoot runner rather quickly. Now Dave runs barefoot all the time and has no problem keeping up, if not leading the pack many times. Matt was a different story there was the constant screams of ouch!!! @#%#@ ACORNS @$%#@ ROCKS, @$%$#STICKS.
Well needless to say Matt fell behind and Mark took pity and stayed back with him.
Soon enough we looked back and couldn't see Matt or Mark. We stopped and yelled a couple times and figured they doubled back to the parking area.
Andy, Katie, Dave and I had a blast zigging and zagging on the gnarly bike trails and eventually worked our way back to the cars. Oh, Oh Matt and Mark weren't there. THEY WERE LOST IN BARNACLE LAND.Well Dave took the counter clockwise route, and Andy and I took the clockwise route, and Katie stayed at the base camp. After walking a couple miles back on the trail, with our shouts and whistles echoing through out the woods, we met Dave. STILL NO MATT AND MARK! As the sun was quickly setting down below the hills we were weighing our options and suddenly I hear the faint sound of , hello ??? I called back and sure enough there was Mark with a walking stick, looking like Moses leading his people out of the desert, with Matt leaning on his shoulder, Matt's never been shy of being over dramatic.
We had a good laugh and found our way back to the cars where Katie was patiently waiting for us . Andy and I cracked open a couple beers and toasted another interesting story to tell as the full moon rose in brilliant splendor.

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