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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5k Awards

Here is the complete list of 5k awards with youth included
All awards are at the Running Room at 711 S Broadway in Rochester


1-10 MALE                                               1-10 FEMALE
1ST Place- Alec Sargent               1st Place- Payton Skogland                                                                        
2nd Place- Ben Nauman        2nd Place- Evelyn Currie
11-12 MALE                                          11-12 FEMALE
1st Place- Carter McKenzie  1st Place-Annika Juenemann
2nd Place- Josh Walsh                          2nd Place- Grace Bain
13-14 MALE                                            13-14 FEMALE
1st Place- Matt Litwiller                      1st Place- Anna Winter
2nd Place- Talon Stromgen
15-16 MALE                                          15-16 FEMALE
1st Place- Tim Entgelmeier                   1st Place- Sam Nauman
2nd Place- Andrew Ekdahl
17-18 MALE                                          17-18 FEMALE
1st Place- Danny Skoglund                  1st Place- Morgan Stewart
2nd Place- John Beckman
19-29 MALE                                          19-29 FEMALE
1st Place- Isaiah Lewis                          1st Place-Michelle Johannsen
2nd Place- Matt McCasland 2nd Place- Kaia Johnson
30-39 MALE                                          30-39 FEMALE
1st Place-Alex Kiel                 1st Place- Tina Turgeon
2nd Place- Coleman Turgeon               2nd Place- Angie Haugen
40-49 MALE                                          40-49 FEMALE
1st Place- Simon Gibbons                     1st Place- Cathy Stone
2nd Place- Matt Frick                            2nd Place- Roxanne Ready
50-59 MALE                                          50-59 FEMALE
1st Place- Mark Milner                          1st Place Sarah Melde
2nd Place- Paul Mullen                         2nd Place Masami Kita
60-69 MALE                                          60-69 FEMALE
1st Place- Terry Severson                    1st Place Sue Christian
2nd Place- John Dinusson
                                                                70-99 FEMALE
                                                1st Place- Carol Preshchar

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