Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Routes

Matt "hurricane" Schrader and I ran the new 10 mile rout last night. I can say I'm exited for people to see what I've changed. All the good stuff is still there,beautiful views of the valley,the bridges over the creek,and of course there's still that hill:-) I eliminated some of the meadow runs and the stretch by the road. and added a long,long winding downhill at mile 4.75.Rather than finishing before the bridge we will run across the bridge through the fisherman's parking area and follow the Chester Woods Lake Trail back to the registration area. This will make for a more organised finish and make scoring the race easier. You will be closer to bathrooms,showers,and the beach if its hot.
The start is also backed up near the registration area so there is a little longer run on the road which will help stretch out the crowd before you hit the trails.
I plan on having a much more festive atmosphere at the finish area which will accommodate a larger area for crowds to cheer runners across the finish line.

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