Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Changes for 2010

Last year, as soon as the race was finished and everything was picked up. we started brainstorming to see what could be improved for the 2010 race. I decided that the finish was just too far away from the registration area.
If we put the finish near where the shelter is we can improve on getting the results out faster, all the food can be in one place, and the showers/bathrooms will be much closer. The finish will be much more festive as there is a lot more room for people to cheer on their friends.
The changes in the 10 mile course are as follows. The start will be right in front of the registration shelter. There will be a small extra loop in the east meadow when you first hit the trails. At about the 4 1/2 mile mark you will take a long winding downhill trail to the first river crossing. Miles 6 through 9 are the same as always,(including the Big Dam Hill:) Rather than finishing before the fishing parking area, you will carefully cross that, back on to the trail that winds along the lake, and continue back to the registration shelter.I eliminated a few of the meadow trails and opted for the long downhill to the creek to allow for the extra distance back to the shelter. We will have to watch for fisherman possibly loading or unloading their boats at the parking area. I will have someone to help guide the runners through that spot, it shouldn't be that busy.
The 5k run is pretty much the same , it will start out on the road, go towards the park entrance, then head out to the woods. After a beautiful view of the valley below the dam, and a nice run along the hill over the lake,you will take the same trail back to the shelter area.
Both routes can be seen on the links on the right side of this blog. Be sure to click on the satilite view to see it properly.

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