Thursday, July 9, 2009

Afton Trail Run

I got the chance to run another one of the races in the Minnesota Trail Running Series. The hills of Afton make The Big Dam Hill look like a gopher mound. All in all I had a great time except for maybe the last three miles of the race. I think I got a little dehydrated and was very weak crawling across the finish line. It was a fairly cool overcast day for the 4th of July but, the high humidity caused a lot of us to sweat profusely. I think I lost a few pounds in water weight by the end of the race.
Afton is a beautiful State Park nestled along the banks of the St Croix river just a little north of Hastings. John Storkamp (race director ) does a fantastic job with this race. The tech shirts and finishers medals are designed by John , I wish I had half of his artistic talent. At the finish line there was hamburgers , hotdogs, chips etc to eat.
My hats off to John and the volunteers at Afton they do a great job and I'm looking forward to next year. I'll be more prepared by then :-)


Wayne said...

Good job on the run, Jim... and it was nice to see you there.

Does more prepared by next year mean you'll be doing two laps?? :)

Views from a director said...

I think I'll just try to finish 1 lap with dignity:-). I can't imagine what it would have been like if it was hot.
Maybe I'll see you at Moose Mt