Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbye fishing hello running

OK I'll try to get some current blogs going here.
I stopped into our cap supplier yesterday and picked out a new style cap for CWTR 2009 . Its going to be a good piece of head wear to wear throughout the running season. The 2009 cap will be a lighter, running style cap as opposed to the heavier one we had last year.
I'm transitioning from an ice fisherman back to a runner right now. My training is in its early stages and is going well although I seemed to have pulled a muscle in what Forest Gump refers to as the " buttocks" :-). Usually about November I cut way back on my running and get my ice fishing gear out I still get some pretty good workouts in because where I like to fish its about a 1/2 mile drag to pull my 190 #s of gear. Its always been my belief that its good to have a little break from running, that way its fresh and fun again come early spring.

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