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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New course records

Despite the weather some very nice times were recorded at the race. Kirk Walztoni (36) of Eagan is the new record holder with a blazing fast time of 1:03:46. That is a pace of 6:23 per mile over a tough course. Jim Hannon took second with a time of 1:04:27. Jim was our winner last year and that time was1:05:23. Patrick Steward came back and was third in 1:06:59 also improving his time from last year by over 1 1/2 minutes.
For the women course records were also set. Cynthia Blenderman (26) of Rochester is the new record holder with a time of 1:17:38 Last years winning time was 1:22:28 turned in by Britt Erickson of Rochester. Not far behind Cynthia was Rachel Pederson in 1:18:30, followed closely by Cailie Fura, 1:19:37 and Tasha Pike in 1:21:51. There was actually five girls that beat last years winning time, way to go !
In the 5k records were also set. The Dammen brothers absolutely smashed last years course record. Kyle was the winner in 18:35. Thats a pace of 5:59 per mile on a course thats still pretty tough to run that fast. Last years winner was Logan Clark in 21:29. Following Kyle closely was brother Kevin in 18:37. I think Austins Cross Country program will be in pretty good shape with the Dammen twins. In third was Paul Callahan of Kasson 20:04, followed by Charlie Burnham, Rochester, 20:36 ,13 year old Henry Hartzler of Byron 21:00 and 14 year old Mickel Frisch of Dover 21:12. Thats six people faster than the course record including a 13 and 14 year old, way to go guys!
The winner for the gals was Lily Tamire in 23:06 Second was Therese Shumaker 23:10 Third was Nicole Weisenback 26:25
I'll get to the age groups later


Jean said...


I just wanted to say thank you for a great race this weekend. You and the volunteers put on a great show, and that was one of the most fun trail races I have ever done (even with the storms!). What a beautiful course!

Continued success, and I look forward to running again next year! :)

All the best,


Bryan said...


Got to agree with Jean above: this is one of the most fun and most beautiful of races.

Thanks for all the awesome! Can't wait for Chester Woods 2009!

Views from a director said...

Thanks I'm already looking forward to 2009 myself.