Chester Woods Lake

Chester Woods Lake
Chester Woods Lake



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

50k Times

I found our official 50k times :) well sort of. I had to guess Tracy's winning time because I forgot to ask her what her time was.

Tracy Harrison    6:30:00
Wayne Nelson    7:02:32
Matt Schrader     7:16:37
Mark Mueller       7:16:37
Roberto Marron    7:50:00

Monday, September 17, 2012

18 people participated in the Chester Woods Fall 50k or Whatever Run, Sept 15th 2012. This was all about running 50k or as far as you wanted.5 people finished the 50k distance, some ran 22 miles, 18 miles, 12 miles or 7 miles. It was a picture perfect day to be running in the woods. We all had some grilled hot dogs, chips and cold drinks afterwards
 Wayne Nelson 2nd overall and Tracy Harrison 1st place in the 50k
Mark Mueller skipping right past the marathon distance and running his 1st 50k. Mark hasn't run further than 10 miles this year and his longest run had been 19 miles

Running through the Summac Bushes